40′ High Apache Trail Access Road


Unique Features:

This project is the result of a VECP proposed to the Bureau of Reclamation by the contractor.  The wall  supports the access road to the Theodore Roosevelt Dam Power Station.

The original design was a typical massive cip wall.  Field testing determined that ground anchors would be required to both pre-compress the insitu soil as well as enhance wall stability.  Therefore the wall has a unique foundation configuration.  By including a cip grade beam with vertically oriented mini piles over which the counterforts were placed provided adequate foundation bearing capacity for the wall.  In addition, following placement of the base counterforts, ground anchors (tie backs) where inserted through the cip grade beam that was cast over the tails of the counterforts.

Following the installation of the base tiers and anchors the subsequent upper tier components were placed.  Site excavated cut material was used for wall fill.

Area Bureau of Reclamation Client Scope Of Work

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