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Stresswall/MSE Fascia Hybrid Wall

The Stresswall/MSE fascia wall system is a combination of the counterfort wall for the lower portion of the structure and a closed face MSE wall for the upper portion of the wall. The system was developed as a viable, cost-effective option that will eliminate shoring that would otherwise be required for either an MSE or a conventional cast in place wall. 

The sequence shown in the rendering depicts the elevated base seawall counterforts installed into slots cut into the existing slope. The Stresswall system effectively acts as a structural retaining wall in combination with the upper closed face MSE wall.  Since the Stresswall/MSE components are installed independently of the fascia panels, the production and installation of the full height fascia panels are not on the critical path. Therefore, the full height fascia panels can be installed at any convenient time following the completion of the structural wall.