About Us

We have been involved with the Stresswall precast counterfort wall since 1974 where the first wall (56 feet high) was used for I 70 on Vail Pass in Colorado. Our engineering consultants were Morrison Knudsen engineers in who were rated number one in the world at that time.

We continue to improve on the original Stresswall product as shown in the typical project shots.  Both the “DOT” wall and Stresswall components utilize post tensioning and prestressed members which results in precast members being in a compressive state so that any potential cracking is eliminated.

Therefore, our walls have an indefinite, (not limited) lifecycle expectancy. Walls utilizing mild reinforcement, on the other hand, have a limited life cycle. One of the new systems available is a combination of the MSE/Fascia panel wall system and the Stresswall counterfort product.  Due to the use of the elevated base counterforts the foundation pressures approach gamma times the wall height which result in a minimum soil bearing requirement.

Renderings of the system are shown in the new product section.

We hope you will consider the use of our versatile/permanent precast wall options for all of your earth retention projects.